Monday, June 3, 2013

Everyone needs a reminder now and then

I've had a wild and frenzied couple of weeks, and I'm ultimately glad to be busy.  But that means I've neglected this space and that makes me feel bad.  I had occasion to read through some old blog posts wherein I took an opportunity to figure out what I'd say to a much younger me.  It struck me again, and it still rings truth with every single word.  It made me feel infinitely better about neglecting my blog and thereby in every sense of the word, neglecting myself the past few weeks.  And it reminded me to enjoy my weight loss success and my current state of mental health.  I can be frantic, but it's not over-stressing me at the moment.  I can be losing weight extremely slowly, but  it's heading in the right direction, no matter it's pace, and once again, I got here for absolutely incredible reasons.  I can live with that.  And moreover, if it was required, I could die knowing it went on for good reasons, and it's coming off with good decisions.  What about it could be seen as bad then?

So, what would I tell my younger self, in the hopes that I'd worry less, feel better and know more, preventing potentially years of unnecessary heartache?  Well...simply this.

        1. You are beautiful  You are perfect and thin and don't change a hair on your head.
        2. You don't need a man in your life to be rich and settled and happy.
        3. Keep your eye on the prize of motherhood, but relax about it.  It's going to take time to happen, and it will be awesome,     
           and you will never know another love like it.  It will be so worth the wait.
        4. Sacrifice isn't really sacrifice at all.  When you give one thing up to accomplish something else, it's just about evolution and
          moving on.  You've learned the lesson you needed to learn on the last thing, don't beat yourself up for putting it back down. 
        5. You will have the opportunity to be supermom.  It feels great, but it is also overwhelming.  
        6. A broken heart never heals completely, but it's always worth venturing out and taking the chance that it might get hurt.

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