Friday, August 16, 2013

Dear Mental Illness - you moxy son of a bitch

Dear Depression:

You lie to me.
You belittle me.
You take away the pleasure in even the simplest things.
You fuel anxiety.

Dear Anxiety:

You scare me.
You terrorize me.
You paralyze me.
You trigger depression.

For fun?  What pleasure is there in ripping apart a person's brain, self worth, their heart?

Well, I hate you both.  Loathe and despise even.  You are cowardly assholes in a world that is already difficult enough to navigate without your nagging and pestering.

I'm asking you to please, just run off back to your own little corners.  Take the nightmares, sleepless nights, and constant second guessing with you. They have no place in my beautiful life.

You have no place here.  You are not welcome.  Please listen carefully, I hate you both.

Thank you for your efforts.
Now fuck off.


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