Thursday, January 30, 2014

Long time no write

Like everyone else, to describe life as chaotic isn't any kind of overstatement most days.

And honestly in the past few weeks following the Christmas break, it's been on the top of my priority list to get back to this journal and breath a bit...but everytime I've attempted, either my eyes glaze over, I get a migraine or something explodes at work, and well, my attention is diverted.  When I have set aside 10 minutes and don't have those things, the decision on what to challenge or write through next is well so complicated it hurts my brain.  There've been sooo many things I've wanted to journal about the last month to two, not the least of which is the fine line distinction between the kind of pride that keeps you out of a life of destitution and dependency on charity, as that which keeps you in it.  And there have been so many instances where parenting and dieting have been equally challenging as they have been successful.

And then there's just the same ol' same ol ranting about why life can't just slow down for 5 seconds so I can get off the hamster wheel and steady my stomach before the next ride.

The best I can do today I think is to tell you how exhausted I am.  I'm physically exhausted.  To the point where I'm actually starting to worry myself again.  So exhausted in fact, I can't even tell you why and how exhausted this really is.

So bear with me.  I'll be back soon.  I need a nap and a personal assistant.  A real vacation wouldn't hurt either.

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