Saturday, August 4, 2012

I've been splinched

So my daughter is with her uncle this weekend, hanging out with her favourite cousin in the whole wide world.  We thought it would be nice to share our girls for our vacations.  So I get my daughter back AND my niece next week for a few days.

It's supposed to be a wonderful and waaaay overdue break.  And it is.  Only, I've never been this far away from her for so long.  Overnight sure.  And she was at her grandmas where she is very familiar with everything around her.  My brother doesn't see her as often and while she idolizes my niece, she's in completely unfamiliar territory.  Add to this that I'm overly worried about the fact that we just started her on a puffer last week, and that historically we've ended up in the hospital on this weekend both short years of her life, and I'm nothing short of a basket case.

In spite of it all, I got a pretty decent sleep last night.  First night in a long while.  But nevertheless, this house is too quiet, and I'm not racing through one task to get to another, answering a million toddler size questions, reminding someone not to whine, stop picking their nose, to use a spoon please and thank you.

I feel completely dismembered.  And I'm not sure if I am elated at the space for one weekend, or morbidly dampened with the emotional distress of being separated.

The plan is to run away for a weekend and have some fun and r&r.  That's going to put us another hour and a half away from my daughter, and I imagine I'll be stressing about it until we're there.

When did the prospect of a fun romp in a small town lose more appeal than being bogged down by responsibility and perpetual diaper changing?  This is messed up.

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