Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Baby Food - Bleh

So I've progressed to the pureed portion of the recovery program...and let me tell you, I remember why I made so much of my daughter's food when she was itty bitty.  YUCK.  That stuff is gross.

I know exactly how you feel buddy.

But I can promise you, even pureeing your own meals is not appetizing in the least.  I'm starting to wonder if this progression from clear fluids to whole foods isn't their way of either making food so unappealing that you lose weight by the mere fact that you'll opt for meal replacement shakes for the rest of your days, or that you'll be eager to get back in there and have them remove this contraption for good (at a cost of course)...cuz my GAWD, I want something real like yesterday.

In terms of loss, they keep saying not to focus on what losses you may or may not be seeing during the recovery phase.  I can see the logic there, but honest to goodness, with the little bit that I'm eating, and the lack of flavour, fat and calories, I'm surprised I'm still upright.  My loss seems to have stabilized at around 25 lbs from the day I began the pre-op diet.  I'm going to set myself a goal of a 40 lb loss by May 1st.  Keep your fingers crossed that I'm close - because we have Easter AND 2 birthdays to get through in April...IT WILL NOT BE EASY, that's for darn sure.

The site on my tummy where the port is placed is tender and uncomfortable and it's basically driving me bonkers.  I'm ready to get rocking and rolling around here doing things that would normally be no issue to do, and I'm being halted by the nagging weight of a foreign body literally bulging through my stomach.  I seriously think I'm one sleep away from dreaming about ripping the thing out of my stomach with my bare hands.

So all this may very simply be frustration from not eating anything with substance.  But yeah, I'm a little exhausted by the tedium of this recovery, and at the same time, thankful like you wouldn't believe that I'm not facing a longer more arduous recovery process associated with gastric bypass.  At least knowing that I'm in the home stretch is going to refuel me.  Seems like the hardest part is getting through the first three days on the new phase, and the rest of it blows by without the blink of an eye...but those first 3 or 4 days are brutal.

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