Monday, March 18, 2013

The Home Stretch

So Friday I was whining about full fluids and thinking there was just no way I could hold out til Wednesday to start even purees.  I'm still frustrated beyond comparison, but I'm making it.  Just 2 more days of fluids and then I can at least start eating real proper food, mashed up.

I've bought a couple jars of baby food, but the reality is I never really used that many jars of baby food when my baby was eating from them.  I don't have oodles of time like I did when I was on mat leave, I'll be whizzing up whatever my portion of veggies is for each meal, and using baby food when no one else is here.  I forget how much fruit and veggies she ate back then too.  She got her protein like she needed it, but I  am just remembering now how much her diet was plant based.

I'm still looking forward to that pizza though.  I can smell it.  I've already documented how this is still all on me.  No question about it.  But not having food for a month, and having lost more than 20 lbs, I think the best way to celebrate the introduction of whole food again, is to have me a slice of pizza.  A SLICE.  Not 2. Not 3.  Not 4.  1.  ONE.  And a huge salad.  I've never wanted salad so badly in all my life.

My bandages came off this weekend.  I ended up having some fluids leak from one of the incisions.  You would normally think "aaaah...this is not good."  But it's me.  I develop something called Seroma when I have surgeries.  This weekend couldn't even hold a candle to the holy crap scare I had after my c-section.  It seemed to have cleared itself up in a could of hours.  I did over due things late last week.  Hurt quite a bit on Friday night.  But I rested up as well as I could this weekend, and am now back on track.  I'm extremely tired, and could have taken a vacation day today, but there you have it.  I'll catch 40 winks as soon as I'm able to and be fully refreshed....right?

My daughter has been incredible about being gentle with her broken mama this last week and a half.  I can't wait until I'm down far enough in my weight to actually do something incredible with her.  She deserves it and sooo much more.

Happy losing everyone!

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