Thursday, April 18, 2013

There are words enough... tackle the subject of the vicious attacks in the US of late.  But it seems that none of my favourite bloggers are taking up the subject.  I suspect they've been hit too emotionally by it, and without the singular person to blame in custody, the heinous attacks haven't got the face that would help us all to target our emotions.

But sitting on the outside (sort of), I can tell you that with all the postulating in the world, the issues facing the US today (and elsewhere likely), are of their own making.  The knee jerk reaction to that bombing was misguided and unfounded news (I use this term so loosely it's a shame to even call it news) that a "Saudi" was responsible and in custody - and when confirmed that this was a lie, it was reported again (BY THE SAME NEWS AGENCY) that a suspect was in custody, and confirmed again that this was a lie...has ANYONE taken the step to shut that company down for it's flagrant irresponsibility?  No.  And it's even likelier that people are still flocking to watch that news channel along with several others in spite of it's blatant disregard for fact and truth.

Has anyone taken time to think about the possible motives for this "senseless" crime?  Not with any calm and rational thought that I've seen.  There is a flurry of aid flocking to the state of Boston.  And there's even more outcry than what was shown for the mass shooting in Newtown where it pertains to trying to amass funds to support the victims and send in aid.  Why do the victims of a bomb deserve more than the truly innocent victims of Newtown and their parents?

The reality is, when your government looks at an issue like gun control with 90% support for tighter restrictions, and it still doesn't pass, and your military loses 20,000 M16's and it goes largely unreported, AND, your most prized national news source lies to the public TWICE after being raked over the coals for irresponsible commentary on a nationally scrutinized rape have to be asking yourself (if you're even half way intelligent), if you're not your own worst enemy...N'est pas?

The acts of violence rocking the United States since Columbine are ghastly.  On broader scales, there is a civil war happening on home turf, and NOBODY is actually working to combat it's effects an protect the innocent or organizing a response to the rebels.  Emergency responders are not much more than clean up crews in hazmat suits and by God that's just disrespectful, if not deplorable.

And still the only thing every single citizen who isn't in the 1% is concerning themselves with is, figuring out how to keep the lights on, and their childrens' tummy's fed, while finding money in their rainy day cookie jars to send as donations to relieve the direct victims of these awful acts of violence.  While the wealthy 1% sit back and talk about how many tax breaks they want to avoid the fiscal cliff they themselves created, and how banning assault weapons and implementing background checks is an attack on their liberty, thank you very much.  They want these things to continue being wielded without control, because they make more money.  Through insurance premiums they never have to pay out, through hospital and medical treatments they win big from, and through new weapons or ammunition sales they profit on.  I realize that I'm not the first to criticize the establishments with these generalities, but I swear to God that they need no further detail.  They are as true as the sun shines.  And they are as paralyzing and detrimental to the real liberty of the country's people, as the guns that are being held to their heads.

The Boston tragedy had as much to do with runners as 9/11 had to do with wall street.  They both had this in common.  The greatest number of casualties to send the biggest possible message.  The fact that there has been no proud claims of accountability by a terrorist organization shows that it was probably a homegrown American.  I'd put my money on the fact that it was an idiot who wanted to prove you could kill people with out a gun, but who lives on welfare and uses medicare.  He prayed on innocent people to send a twisted message, so he could himself stay twisted in his belief that owning a gun makes his penis seem larger.

I long to see a day where countries aren't managed by penis carriers, and where men who are driven by their own ineptitude finally take a back seat.

And while my heart hurts for the people of Boston, it has been hurting for the innocent children and the ill so much longer that this is now feeling numb.  The atrocities will have to grow bigger and bigger until the satient points of people have been exceeded.  Or messages will continue to dissolve amidst the relief efforts.  With so many atrocities, how could any singular government focus on the fixes to even one.  In no way is there any ability to stack rank these horrors without addressing the issues of medical help for all, jobs for all, and safety for all.  Then you have true liberty.

**Update** I'm pleased to stand corrected that the perpetrators of the Boston bombings were not US citizens.


  1. I don't want to be a dick, but I have to ask if you really intended this line: "...but who lives on welfare and uses medicare" to sound as cruelly classist as it sounds?" You didn't seriously assume whoever did it was on welfare, did you? Based on no knowledge of who that person might be? I think that's called prejudice, and you're railing against that very behaviour in the earlier part of your article.

  2. unfortunately, I'm often dismayed at how many recipients of these social benefits are the first ones to rail against others getting them in the US. Unfortunately, from the coverage we see on a regular basis here, it appears they are the same archetype of people who are extremely vocal about keeping their guns. And so yes I did intend it, but honestly without the type of prejudice I think you read from it. That said, I also noted in the update that I was pleased to be wrong, though still very saddened that this type of mass violence is so prevalent in a country that has the means to reverse it completely without actually taking away all of it's citizens basic human rights and liberties.