Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hats On For Awareness

So I just heard about something happening in our great city, and unfortunately it's too late for me to make arrangements to attend.  I just wish I'd heard about it sooner.

I'm so glad to find out that something like this is finally taking place.  Often while I worked within the mental health circles, I begged and pleaded to see this kind of fundraising take place.  As with most smaller municipal not for profits, the concept of this type of event was just too big, too foreign and too expensive to contemplate.  I'm so excited to see it blossoming somewhere.  This kind of attention is precisely the kind of attention that people with Mental Health needs are desperate for!

September 13th is the Hats On For Awareness Hatsquerade gala.  It's a shame not to see CMHA's name listed as a primary sponsor.

This is the photo Nicholas Rosaki of Dabble Magazine and CityLine fame has posted of himself from last year's gala!  It looks like so much fun!

I am sooo planning ahead for next year!

Think Happy Thoughts everyone!  Make some lemonade today!

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