Friday, September 14, 2012

Tapping Out

So, I think I'm ready to tap out of work for the week.  It's been another challenging one, I'll have to admit.  I've had to hit the doctor's office for a few tests that were nothing short of agonizingly painful and emotionally draining, all with the hopes that nothing will be there but normal results.  Nuff said, there probably are normal results on the other end of this ordeal for me, but getting there has been, well, challenging.

But work has been the greater challenge this week.  On a bright note, this is the first 3 week stretch I've had I think since March without having to take a sick day for myself or the kid.  So while I find myself thanking the universe and my doctor for making an asthma connection and giving my daughter a puffer, I also find myself at the end of my rope with the politics of corporate life.

I want to shake the hand and kneel at the foot of the one executive in this world who is undeniably offended by her subordinates lack of faith that they can read, are interested in the details and can "figure simple shit out" without a step by step illustrated instruction manual.  I really do.  I say all this because I'm sure there's just one out there, if any exist at all - and if more exist, well then they are as secret as Willy Wonka's Oompa Loompas.

And I say "her" for what I hope are obvious reasons.  Suffice to say, I suspect if a woman is in a position of power she got there by figuring shit out on her own, and she got there by having to outsmart and outlast a whole lot of opposition...and frankly, I know that most women in an executive role don't last long if they in fact got to where they are using their good looks and charm.

At any rate, I find myself desperately trying to figure out how to get from here, to a position of "it is what it is" as quickly as I can, because unfortunately, if I linger too long on how appalling it is that executives can't be trusted to read and do math, is going to sink me into a funk that will destroy my whole freaking weekend.

But I'm afraid I'll have a much better chance of spotting Big Foot or the Loch Ness Monster before I lay my eyes upon the rarest species of all: the smart, compassionate and empathetic executive.

* Update: After posting this, I thought I'd have a run at googling "smart, compassionate executive".  Guess what turned up?  No list of links to specific execs, but top of the list was Michael Hyatt's hire me blog about Intentional Leadership.  Hmmmmm...mayhaps I'm on to something!

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