Monday, January 14, 2013

It's a Flunami!

Alright, so I pilfered the term Flunami from another blogger.  I liked it so much - and it's really been a great term to use for the plague that has befallen my own home.

The hubby got sick just after New Year's Day, and when he finally gave in to my nagging and went to the clinic to see a doctor, he found out it was pneumonia!  Yippee.  The anitbiotics have helped him feel better, but then the virus that begat the pneumonia is still clinging making him sound like a choking dog every time he coughs.  He's also a reformed hypochondriac which means it's naturally bred into him to cough louder, bigger and more viciously when anyone else near him coughs which just makes me want to cough in his open mouth as payback.  Which brings me to how well he shares when he has nastiness to spread.

Both my daughter and myself have now been invaded by this flu monster and of course none of us got our shots because you know those vaccines are always at least a year behind in what strains are out there...well I can assure you that this will be the last year that happens.  I feel like the biggest damn bag of dog poop around, and I know my daughter feels equally crummy.  But she and I both have surgeries coming up - so not only do I need to get us both healthy, but I need to do it without taking sick time if I can manage it.  Geese Louise, we just got back to work and school after the Christmas holidays!  You'd think little old me could catch a break in that regard!!!

So after spending the weekend quarantined in our home fighting this thing off, neither of us are feeling any the better for it, and I'm so damn stir crazy I'd like to run naked through the field despite it being negative temperatures out there.  And who cares what the neighbours think?  According to the thermometer (which I'm learning to distrust more and more each day) I don't have a fever.  But just sitting here at my computer, I'm breaking into an awful sweat.  Call them hot flashes, and I'm too damn young for menopause...something's a foot, and it's evil.

So welcome the flunami!  No choice but to engage it and fight it...and well, I suppose I could find a couple ways to make the hubby pay for this particular evil, but then I'd have nothing to hang over his head later.

Would someone please just come here and board up the door - spray paint the door with a white X and send in the coroner?

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